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Yesterday I was guest-speaker for the Czech Cycling Federation and the Czech Olympic Committee. I gave a 2-day seminar in front of Olympic, National and International Coaches with the eye on the Olympic Games of Rio 2016. I talked about many aspects of Training & Coaching of Endurance athletes. With the implication of Testing & Performance Evaluation.

The two day seminar started with General Training Principles, accompanied with Planning & Periodization topics. Different approaches towards training of younger athletes (Juniors / U23) where also presented. Next to the core topic: How to evaluate Endurance Training, with a practical test seminar in the afternoon.

All the test results of the previous day were discussed in the second seminar day, and proper feedback was provided towards training & racing. In a second part of the day multiple strategies for RIO were highlighted and discussed: such as Jet-lag, Heat Acclimatization, etc.

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