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Lactate Testing

Lactate Testing

This test is conducted on a bicycle ergometer at our proposed location on your own racing bike, in which a blood lactate sample is analyzed during a progressively increasing load.


In addition, your heart rate, power, cadence and activity are closely monitored. 

This gives us the ability to exactly measure your current fitness level: basic endurance, intensive endurance and maximal performance. This results - together with your individual training zones - in a targeted training advice that highlights both your strengths and weaknesses.

Price: € 150 


Coach2Peak developed a test which brings testing to your home, without the need of a test laboratory.


By performing the specific testing protocol we’re able to determine your training zones, to quantify efforts on the bike and measure & evaluate your performance capacity.


Knowing your power outputs will help you both plan workouts as well as measure progress in your training. Coach2Peak developed a test that is more practical and precise than current models. The only thing that you have to do is upload your test file and within no time, you’ll receive your personalized test results and personalized training zones.




Coach2Peak provides detailed training and competition analysis. We provide extra support for coaches or athletes. We give training- or competition feedback based on your training or race data. 

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